Techniques to stimulate her G-spot

The G-spot is the final frontier. First of all to be clear, the G-spot does exist. Finding it might take you a while, but once you do, you’ll have hit the pleasure jackpot. Several techniques can stimulate her pleasure point and make her explode. Some sex positions like the reverse cow girl directly rub the top of her sweet spot, and makes orgasm very easy to achieve. Plus, you get to lie back and watch her go nuts. With this position, she gets to be in control and does what works for her. If you think she’s having a hard time riding you in that reverse stance, offer her some lumbar support while she leans back and continues to rock forward and backwards. Another pleasure simulating technique would be scissor fingers. This fingering technique helps you find and massage her G-spot.

You may want to have her lie on her back with knees slightly bent. Insert your lubricated fingers inside her and slowly begin to stroke. With your finders facing upwards, try and find a somewhat rough bump and continue to massage it. Don’t just do what you want. Make sure to stick to a rhythm that she is responsive to. If you fancy yourself the multi-tasker, you could try massaging her breasts while stimulating her G-spot. You may need to check out a few videos to understand fully. Top site adulte is a great place to start. Pay attention to the techniques used on these women and take note of which of them are the most common. Study the finger motions and the women’s responses to these styles. While it is not rocket science, you might take a few tries before you perfect the art of the scissor fingers. These techniques are sure to drive her to an intense maybe even explosive orgasm.